How To Get 1000 Views In Less Than 1 Hour (With Almost Zero Cost)

It’s 1 am in the morning, and you are editing your product posting.

You were crafting the most persuasive product description that you could think of, you know… the ones that once people see people would buy. Coupled with your research on pricing, you were saying to yourself – impossible no one buy one!

You even did image editing to make it pop on screen. You went through everything to make sure this product would sell like crazy once you hit the publish button.

Except that things didn’t went your way.

The product that you think would fly did not fly, in fact, it didn’t move at all… the question is why?

While there are many reasons to why your product didn’t pick off, we can often boil down to few key metrics:

  • Traffic
  • Conversion Rate
  • Average Order Value (AOV)

In layman’s terms, it means:

  • How many traffic do you have?
  • Are your buyers converting? If yes, at what percentage?
  • How much do they spend on your store when they check out? What is your average cart size?

When you sell in Lelong, the toughest part is not converting visitors into buyers (that depends on your product posting kungfu), the toughest part is getting the attention and the eyeball you deserve in order to convert.

So in this post, we will be sharing one of the key tools that we’ve been experimenting on increasing product exposure and how you can participate in it.

SuperBid – Bidding Campaign For Crazy Exposure 

We’ve been testing SuperBid in multiple big campaigns such as our 20th anniversary, 11.11, BFCM & upcoming big campaigns.

What we have learnt so far is that it helped sellers like you to gain extreme exposure in just one hour. Sellers who participated managed to have 2,000 active users on site just by bidding.

To put things into perspective, we observed product has captured more than 150 bidders that bid non-stop for 1 hour. It has a total 3,306 views with ~1,200 bid counts. On average, most products net 180 views within 60 minutes.

In other words, people are looking at your products and laser-focus on them for an hour.

“Okay, but bidding is only for 1 SKU right? So how does that work? How does it impact my overall sales?” 

Using SuperBid To Divert Traffic To Your Store

When people start to bid, where do you think they would look at? Other than product title, they will start scrolling and scrolling to read your product description, images & even store name. Here is where you can play with the kungfu of product posting and cross-sell them other products.

Imagine when you bidding for a phone casing and you saw a link down there showing a power bank selling at only RM19.90, wouldn’t you want to click into it and see?

To further grab their attention with powerful visual, you can use our free new tool – Store Builder to add in HTML & slider banner. This is why you have to update your store thumbnail and make people recognize your own branding.

Not only that, SuperBid is a good chance for you to get the maximum word of mouth on new launch product. And after we experimenting it on a new launch phone, it works really well and successfully generated 1000 views & 650 bidcounts within 1 hour.

With so many bidders, you don’t have to worry it will be sold under your cost price. There is another trick where you must know how to set your product selling price in SuperBid, usually the final bidding price is 20% lower than the selling price you gave.

But hey, i just want to play safe and put low price item on SuperBid, can i do that?” 

Worry not, this is also why SuperBid is fun. If you have some good stocks to clear, put it on SuperBid and try if this item can attract bidder to bid at the price where you can even earn more than you sell it without promoting.


How It Works & Can I Join?

Anyone can bid as long as your price is higher than the previous bidder. There is only 1 unit for each bidding product and each bid starts as low as RM 1 with compliance to the bid increment chart. Currently, we only open Superbid for big campaigns like 12.12 while we are closely monitoring the result of bidding and improves along the way. Selected sellers will be notified through email, private message or invitation from key account managers regarding campaign details.

However, we will open to more sellers in the future if we see the response is good and you will get to use the tool by then. We would love to hear your response on this and so stay tune to our next Superbid campaign on 12.12 at Lelong front page or follow our Facebook page @lelongmalaysia for more info.

See you on the next fun bidding session! 

Should you have any inquiries, please contact us here.


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