Online Employment Scams

Update June 2022

We received information from the public about scam websites and Facebook groups using our company name and logo. We emphasize that these below two do not belong to us. If you suspect you are one of the victims please proceed to make a police report and we are unable to assist you accordingly.

We come across several methods that involve our company name in recent ‘online employment scams’.

Where individuals are invited to sign-up for part-time jobs on eCommerce platforms. They are offered rebates/discounts and also commission for each complete task. Victims are then lured to communicate via WhatsApp and encouraged to make bank transfers to an external account with promises that the amount will be refunded with a commission.

Please take note all this is not related at all with!

Via Whatsapp

Via Website

Via Facebook

Below is the WhatsApp phone number used which was posted as Lelong buying agent. We suggest you block the below number in case you received any message from them.

011-28241921/ 011-12305273/ 014-7058363 / 011-28557956/ 014-7059021

Below is the list of the bank account related :

Owned Bank:Hong Leong Bank
Bank accounts:25650233631

Beneficiary Name:KE HENG SDN BHD
Owned Bank:UOB  BANK
Bank accounts: 7213007207

Owned Bank:  UOB  BANK
Bank accounts: 142 303 5639

Owned Bank:  MAYBANK
Bank accounts: 1511-0146-2337

Beneficiary Name:AFIZA BIN BASRI
Owned Bank: CIMB BANK
Bank accounts: 7621396757

Take Note! will never contact you via social media, any purchase solely made via our marketplace. only accept payment via Netpay. Any direct transfer to a personal account will be under individual risk.
3. We assure you that we did not have any role as ‘Online Agents’ and we did not have any so-called ‘task’ that involve advance payment as a requirement.
4. Please be vigilant on the website name and double-check properly before you make any transfer to other parties.

Should any member of the public find themselves being offered questionable job opportunities or contests, or have fallen victim to such scams, please contact the nearest police station and file a police report immediately.

Listed below are a few ways to check & report about scams.

1. SEMAKMULE, a PDRM platform to check on bank accounts and telephone numbers involved with commercial crimes:
2. CCID Infoline (8:00AM to 12:00AM), a PDRM WhatsApp channel to check on the status of police reports and submit information on commercial crime cases: 013-211 1222
3. CCID Scam Response Centre (8:00AM to 8:00PM), a PDRM information hotline to submit information or inquire information on online scams: 03-26101559 / 03-26101599

If you do come across any social media/message which promotes their buying/rebate/discount thru them, please report to us at

Your help is much appreciated.