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Similar to setting up a conventional business, online businesses are required to register themselves with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM), which is an agency that comes under the purview of the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs.

All online traders who carry out businesses via a marketplace or e-commerce companies must be registered with SSM and that failure to do so would result in actions being taken in accordance with the Registration of Businesses Act 1956 (ROBA), with financial penalties being imposed up to RM50,000 in the event of any non-compliance.

Photo from Facebook – Fine due to failure to display company information.

React to the above incident, has taken fast action in displaying more visible & clearer information about our seller company information. Please refer to below for the update.

Desktop view

Mobile App view

Even though did accept a personal seller however, we as a platform provider do encourage all our sellers to register with SSM.

Government policy & law might change anytime soon. In case of any enforcement come to, will give full cooperation during the investigation including handling seller’s information to the authorities. Any fine or notice will go directly to the seller as we already gave ample time for the registration process.

Please act now and register your SSM, submit a copy to our support team at

We will assist to update your profile.