3 Hacks To Increase Your Sales During Crisis Time

Include Surprise Free Items to Encourage Checkout

From our observation, there are a lot of merchants very eager to offer steep discounts to encourage shoppers to check out, yet no many merchants surprise their shoppers with free items.

The objective is to encourage shoppers to checkout before they get distracted or overloaded with other information or decision while getting a desired profit margin for your business.

A branded or relevant item is a great way to add value to the transaction and even build equity with your shoppers.

Introduce Subscription Program

By offering a discount on your products if customers subscribe to receive it regularly especially those products that are perishable and need to replaced internally.

By doing this, this can help to increase the business cash flow during this critical time.

Speak to Your Shoppers in Their Native Languages

I believe this might be a headache for some of the merchants. Anyway please remember Google Translate is your friend here. During this Covid-19 MCO period, there are more and more first time online shoppers, most of them speak in their native languages as they just start to explore the internet world.

By make their feel more at a home and to increase the trust level, this increase significantly the chance they going to purchase and checkout with your store.