The Power of Text on Product Photo that Makes Your Posting Stand Out From the Crowd

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, movement control order was enforced and most people are now staying at home. This would be the best time for you to grow your online business since people are now relying on buying online.

Since most online sellers are not focusing on their online business, it’s gonna be competitive.  We know that humans are visual by nature. 

Thus, the products’ main photo is the first thing that makes your product posting stands out from the crowd especially if you are selling in a marketplace.

Adding suitable text on the product main photo may help to attract the visitors to click onto your product that leads to conversion. 

Why add text onto the product photos?

As you can see from the pictures above,

  • text can be useful to highlight features, showcase your unique sales proposition, or explain how a product works.
  • Text enhanced product images enable shoppers to quickly understand your product’s features and attributes.
  • Text enhanced product images attract buyers at first glance.
  • Not all buyers will read the product descriptions

Important Tips to take note!

  • Keep it simple to avoid the product photo is overwhelming with text. 
  • Be sure that the text works harmoniously with the image, matching it in style and quality. 

If you have no idea how to add the text on your photo, watch this tutorial : [link]

or, the easiest way would be using the “Paint” program on your pc/laptop.