Take Your Business to the Next Level in 2019

Your business competition in marketplace getting more intense day by day?

Pricing strategy getting more and more transparent in marketplace?

Your profit margin getting lesser and lesser?

Feel that your branding of online presence can go far beyond marketplace limitation?

If yes, you should continue reading this.


We been as a marketplace platform for more than 20 years and we truly understand the market landscape and competition now, this is why we introduce WebStore Pro to give way to our sellers which an additional channel to grow their business and prepare our sellers to create an unfair advantage ahead of their direct competitors and penetrate a more profitable market.

PS: This is not something very secretive. Some of the big and top sellers already move them into this new business model/channel to take their business to the next level. Thus, we hope all kind of sellers can start to prepare themselves ahead and benefit from this new solution that we are offering.

What is Webstore Pro?

An E-Commerce store front with your own domain name for as low as a packet of nasi lemak per day (without Ayam lah of course).

In other words, other than selling in marketplaces, you can create your own new online space for your own store without have to create a new website, uploading new product posting (again, again, and again), new design, etc.

Chilll some of you might already saw this video, this is for those who haven’t watch video.

For more info, please visit https://www.lelong.com.my/upgrade/webstorepro/ .