This Is Why BUNDLES Can Boost Your Sales

Add-on RM 1?

Have you ever order your lunch at the counter and the cashier was asking: Sir, do you want to add-on a teh tarik with just RM 1?

If you experience this before, you can see people would tend to opt for the bundle with just RM 1 top-up. The fact is, not only because it’s just RM 1 but the bundle fulfils their behaviour of purchase by pairing a meal with a drink.

Same theory if you apply to your business, you’ll learn how to boost your sales in a competitive industry like e-commerce.

1. Offer Real Value

Bundles don’t mean you sell everything at a go. Product bundles have to offer real value to customers by pairing the correct items. For example: Selling a powerbank with a cable is a good bundle. But pairing a powerbank with a wireless mouse is not. Although it is both electronics products it doesn’t fit the purchasing intention of buying a power bank.

2. Create A Simple Bundle

Some sellers like to bundle 1 master item with a lot of different sub-items. Car camera is a classic example. Bundling car camera with different SD cards storage memory and brands in a long list could confuse your customers. Pick 1 – 2 best selling SD cards or simply choose the cheapest one to pair is a wise choice. Managing bundles have been made convenient to you in Lelong seller panel by adding sub-items to a master item with proper inventory control. Save your time with a much user-friendly system.

3. Learn From Your Sales Data

Always know your customers well. Know where they come from, age group & most importantly their buying pattern. Do they always buy a new phone and phone cover together when they checkout? Or they would just like it to be sold as a bundle? Analysing the sales data not only let you know your best sellers but new-trending products and customer behaviours. Only if you can target their needs and be specific then you are able to close the sales, or else they will just browse through your products like flipping magazine.

4. Exposure Is The Key

Of course, the most important thing is to make sure your customers see those bundles! Submit your newly created bundles in our Flash Sales system and you can get free exposure in just a few clicks.

Start creating your own bundles with Lelong “Product Bundling” now!