2 Reasons Why You Should Enable Combine Shipping in Your Web Store

Shipping fees greatly affect consumer’s decisions to make a purchase.
Unfortunately, not charging for shipping simply isn’t something every retailer can do.
Hence, in order to encourage your buyers to purchase more products from your web store, it is advisable that you enable combine shipping in your web store so that buyers can actually save more on the shipping fees.

Let us share with you 2 reasons why you should enable combine shipping in your web store:

1. Win win for both buyers and sellers

When buyers buy more than one products from your web store, the shipping fee for each product actually accumulated as in the picture below if combined shipping is not enabled.

By enabling combine shipping, shipping fees will be re-calculated by only adding certain amount for additional quantity or weight upon checkout. Thus, shipping fee for the scenario above will definitely be lower than RM21.

This will reduce the total shipping fee that buyers need to pay upon purchasing multiple products from your web store. Buyers will be happy with their purchases and this will encourage them to purchase more from your web store, rather than buying from another seller that sells the same products. Hence, this will then help to boost the sales of your web store.

2. Reduce cart abandonment rate and boost sales
Expensive shipping fee could be one of the main reason that causes buyers to abandon their carts. When combine shipping is enabled, buyers can buy more at once and don’t have to worry for paying expensive shipping fees. Hence, by helping to reduce the total shipping fee, buyers will most likely proceed with the purchase and this helps to reduce cart abandonment. Thus, this helps to drive up your web store sales.

P.S. If you haven’t enable combine shipping for your web store, or if you would like to know more about it, kindly proceed to read the guideline here, and not forgetting to activate it soon 🙂