KravveCo-Locally Handmade Food & Snacks


What is Kravve about?

Kravve is an online marketplace, where you can buy locally handmade food & snacks — made by Malaysian mums & home chefs!

To date, we have more than 1000 unique selections from all across Malaysia.


What is Kravve mission?

We have one mission, that is to empower every individual to make extra income from their home kitchen.

We are on a quest to empower 30,000 home-chefs like moms and retirees by 2020.


What are the popular categories?

1. Nutritional Remedies – Usually a concoction made using recipes handed down from nenek moyang, helps the body heal, promotes wellness and have no side effect, not like modern meds.

2. Snacks & Nibbles – Can be as healthy as dehydrated fruit chips & granola, or as unhealthy as salted egg yolk snacks. Very interesting choices that you can’t find elsewhere, that’s why it’s one of our best selling categories. (like what is kuih batang burukeven?)

3. Spreads & Jams – You think there’s only peanut butter and strawberry jam? Artisan market is powered by #competitiveauntiesleh. Hereby naming a few products to prove my point: Red Wine Plum Jam, Musang King Hainan Kaya, Coffee Caramel Spread.

4. Biscuits & Cookies – Other than a lot of festive cookies, there are traditional biscuits like what you get from Ipoh & Penang! Like mungbean biscuits, heong piah, chicken floss lotus biscuit.

5. Frozen Deli Meats – Sausages, Burger Patties, Hams, Meatballs, Dim Sum also got.

6. Sauces & Marinades – All the cooking pastes that help you cook fast! There is also a huge variety of sambal (mushroom sambal, saltfish sambal, tuna sambal ). Also vegan pesto!


Kick start your healthy lifestyle with healthy & natural handmade food today by Kravve.


So hit on their store to start looking for the food you like!