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Johnny, the founder of Youmiki Baby Store, has been in this industry for more than 5 years. He owns an online store and brick and mortar shop at Seri Kembangan.

It is a business entity that inspires to be a one-stop baby center to help parents to get everything they need for their children. Youmiki baby store provides a wide variety of brands and products that parents need for their children. In his store, you can find from accessories like nail clippers to baby gear like car seats and strollers.

As our Transport Minister, Anthony Loke announced about making children car seat compulsory for all private cars by 2020, we took the opportunity to ask Johnny on what are the criteria that parents can look for.

Safety Standard is Key For Car Seat


Regardless you are a new parent or family with 3 toddlers, Johnny said there is only one criteria that you should look after:

Look for brands that fulfilled the safety standards & tested with crash test

Safety first, he emphasized. Other factors such as convenience, weight, portability and etc will only come into play after it fulfilled the safety criteria.

If that is the case, then what are the brands that fulfill such criteria? Here is a list of brands that Johnny suggested:

  • Britax
  • Recaro
  • Crolla
  • Meinkind
  • Joie

Note: there are also 3 different car seats that parents need to consider, such as, infant carrier, convertible and booster type. Not sure which to choose? Head on to Youmiki Baby Store

What About Breast Pump?

Many mums to be are also particularly concerned when it comes to selecting a good breast pump, as there are multiple types of breast pumps and brands in the market, how should they decide and choose a specific breast pump?

Johnny said while it depends on your lifestyle, for instance, if you are always on-the-go, then manual breast pump may not be suitable for you. But regardless, you can pin pinpoint which breast pump is suitable for you by asking these 5 questions:

  • Would it help to have a lightweight breast pump?
  • Will it be very noisy when you pump?
  • Is it gentle? How many power levels are there in the pump?
  • Is it easy to bring around?
  • What is the material used on the breast pump?

We understand that new parents sometimes find it difficult in selecting baby gear especially for car seats, strollers and breast pumps. What we suggest you to do is to speak with Youmiki Baby Store and get their suggestion. Make sure to visit their store at Seri Kembangan if you have any questions.


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