Myloveearth-Your Organic Store


What is your business about?

Our business is to provide affordable & reliable organic, natural and healthy products for all. We also provide tips for a healthy lifestyle and healthy diet recipes.


What inspired you to come out with this business?

Back in the year 2011, we saw a lot of news about fake food, unsafe food products, overdosed chemical food, environmental issues and etc flooding our newspaper and social media, we have finally decided to start this company.

Since then, we build our team, made up of nature lovers, divers, bikers, vegetarians.


How long have you been in this industry and how has Lelong helped you?

We have been in this industry for more than 7 years, Lelong helped us in creating brand awareness and generate sales through sponsored ranking. We see direct conversions whenever we advertise for higher product rankings so it’s really easy to see where our money is going.


What has been the biggest challenge you faced throughout your selling experience?

The 3 of us started with very limited capital where we import products and supply to the local markets. Unfortunately, things did not go as what we planned and we lost a huge amount of capital due to fraud.

While we were struggling with our daily expenses and cracking our heads, I guess God heard our prayers and we were given an opportunity that changed our journey. We spoke with one of the supermarket and they actually agreed to have an organic section.

The good news is we got a contract, the bad news is the supermarket will be opened in 2 months time. We had to prepare everything in an extremely short period. Without thinking much, we came up with the name – Love Earth, it carries the idea where we hope everyone would love the mother earth by not polluting it.

We designed our logo, sourced for packaging, products & labels. We packed all products in a small office on the 3rd floor with just 3 of us where we packed in the middle of the night and delivered with our own cars. We even work as promoters in the supermarket every day!

This is how Love Earth started.

As we worked on the brand, along the way there were bigger players in the market started to notice about our products and requested us to distribute to their outlets. To-date, we are now supplying to more than 500 outlets in Malaysia such as AEON, AEON Big, Tesco, Village Grocer, Jaya Grocer, BIG, Hero, Cold Storage, Aeon Wellness, Watsons, Pharmacies, Organic Outlets, Fruit Shops.

Now we are certified with Mesti CertificationsJakim Halal Certifications, and NASAA Organic Certifications.


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