TBMOnline – Your neighbourhood electrical store to thriving electrical chain store giant


How Long have you been on Lelong and is Lelong the first marketplace you joined?

We started in Lelong back in 2015 and yes, it is the first marketplace we joined.

What do you sell on your Lelong store?

We sell many kinds of electrical appliances such as washing machine, fridge, television, vacuum cleaner and many more; everything you need for your household essentials.

How has Lelong helped you?

We joined Lelong as we knew the customer database and demographic were well suited for our range of products. Lelong’s secured payment gateway, Netpay is an added bonus, allowing us to sell online easily.

How big has your business grown?

TBM started way back in 1945. Today, we are very proud to be carrying over 30 well-known brands of consumer electronics and home electrical appliances. We, are still looking forward to expand our range of products and services to enhance our customers’ way of life. On our Lelong’s store alone, we have more than 2000 over products. We will continue to increase the wide range of products and variety.

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