StudioEighty4 – Rising Fashion Star on

How long have you been on Lelong and is Lelong the first online platform you joined?

We started our journey with Lelong in October 2015. Lelong stood out as the ideal e-commerce platform equipped with all the necessary infrastructure to kickstart our idea, saving us from the hassle of building a website from scratch.


Tell us something about Studio Eigthy4

Born out of the frustration of the lack of cool t-shirts at an affordable price, we took it in our own hands to come up with a brand that allows our customers to dress to impress in t-shirts without burning a hole in the pocket!



How did Lelong help you on your online business?

Lelong’s market foothold allowed us to reach out to a wider audience that otherwise can only be achieved by some rigorous marketing efforts, so this is definitely a plus point.



Throughout your online selling experience, did you face any challenges and how did you overcome it?

Difficult customers! We don’t agree with the American saying of ‘Customer is always right’ – while we strive to provide the best customer experience possible, there’s always a few pesky ones that turn a smooth transaction into a ugly one. We are grateful for Lelong’s seller care team who is always ready to assist in conflict resolution, truly one of the best among the e-commerce platforms, after all ‘Seller could be right too!’


Share with us your dreams and what do you want to achieve?

‘We make you look cool’, our goal to dress our customers in the coolest t-shirts and we hope that we can continue to grow our customer base to ultimately ‘We make Malaysia look cool’

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