CKY Store- How I Made My First Sales And Grew My Business



1. When did you start your online business?

I started since the year 2012. I joined the Lelong class and signed up as seller. I tried uploading 5 to 10 products daily and got my first sale after a short while. This encouraged me to continue my store on Lelong.


2. How did Lelong help you start your online business?

I am grateful to Lelong as with Lelong’s platform and customer base, I managed to build my very own customer base and grew my business exponentially.


3. What support did Lelong provide for your store?

Throughout the years, Lelong has provided us the opportunity to participate in their thematic campaigns such as phone and accessories promotional campaigns. With these campaigns, my products were featured their newsletters and social media ads which helped to boost my sales.


4. What has been the biggest challenge you faced throughout your experience selling online?

I started the business with a low budget and not many products. During that time, it was competitive as there were already many online sellers. I was doing it as a part time as I had to work in the mornings. Eventually, I tried to make time and effort to increase my products on Lelong by uploading a few products daily to improve the visibility. Thankfully with Lelong’s store support team, selling online has been seamless.


5. Tell us more about CKY store

Our store sells mainly mobile phone accessories such as phone cases, cables, chargers and many more. We have a retail shop currently and also a wholesale shop in Klang. We have been in this business for more than 6 years. Customer satisfaction is one of our main priority, thus, we ensure a good before and after sales service.


6. What recommendations can you give to aspiring others mobile phone accessories seller?

Start selling at a lower price. Although the profits may not be high, but you will be able to build up your customer base.

Provide good service to each of your customers so they will remember you as their favorite mobile phone accessories seller. Therefore, they will visit your store whenever they want to purchase mobile phone accessories.


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