How To Make Your Business Stand Out In A Crowd Via Extra Customer Service

When there are plenty of competitors selling the same or similar products with you, how can you make your business stand out from others? Extra customer service is one of the key factors that you can differentiate yourself from others.

Extra Customer Service

On top of the ordinary customer service, we should always provide “extra customer service” to customer. Extra customer service refer to something beyond your responsibility as a seller but within your ability to “wow” your customer. For example, your customer needs the product urgently where the standard delivery time frame cannot fulfil the customer’s need. You can offer a special delivery for this customer by yourself (if the customer stays in the same region as you) or hire third-party delivery service such as Grab or Lalamove to do the delivery for your customer. With this extra service, the customer will treasure your efforts and will purchase from you again in future.

Extra Free Gift

You are dining in a restaurant with your loved one. When you are almost done with your main course, a waiter serves you a dessert and says that this is complimentary from them due to their anniversary. How would you feel? Surprise? Happy? Yes, most of us will feel “wow” and enjoying the cake happily. Definitely, you will want to visit them again. Same as online selling, you can always include some small free gift and small thank you note into customer’s order without pre-inform them when they make a purchase. Customer will feel honour and happy when receiving the free gift. Guess what? You will in their mind when they want to order again.

Practise these”extras” now and make your business extra outstanding from competitors.