You Are In A New Era – Video Marketing

your yummy lunch

It is lunchtime of the day, you are waiting for the food to come & starts to scroll through phones and checking messages. There is at least one social app you will open and browse through the news feed – Facebook.

At this era, you can earn up to millions as a Youtuber. As much as you feel “wow” for this crazy figure, you can imagine how many subscribers that ones need to build a successful channel.

How To Create A Good Video That Catch Eyeballs?

If you dive down furthermore in details, you’ll find out it is a good video that makes the difference. A good video grabs attention in 3 secs, maintain the viewers throughout the video and complete the story within a minute. Leaving the viewer with the thought of “Wow, this is cool! I need to get this.” or ” I have to share this to my friend!”

A New Service – Production

Video marketing is not a new thing but how to shoot a good product video through online marketing angle is something worth to invest on. We, as a 20 years e-commerce company knows what the customer wishes to see, what are their preference in browsing product, how they make a decision in placing an order. Therefore, we are introducing Production service to our sellers.

Over the past 2 months, we had helped more than 10 sellers to shoot different category product videos and it helps them to 3X the sales and boost the brand awareness online. If you wish to see our portfolio, you can refer this page for more & don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to grow your business into the next level.

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Top Views Video That We Produced

37K Views in 3 Days
<AH Backpack>
Sold 15 Units in 1 Hour 
<AH Slingbag>
Viideo Production <>

Contact us now: I’m interested in Video Marketing