Tobacco, e-Cigarette and Vape Ban in

All online platform provider is affected and must comply with the recent regulation by the Ministry of Health.

All tobacco products, which refers to the Tobacco Control Act, electronic cigarettes (e-cigarette) and vape (refer to Poison Act 1952) is not allowed in

Selling any device or accessories related to smoking and vape are also banned.

We will remove all listings starting next Monday, 21st October 2019. If your posting has been removed recently, please do not re-post them back again.

Failure to comply and commit will cause your trading account to be suspended and we will pass your details to the Ministry of Health for investigation.

For more info, kindly refer to the article links below:

For any enquiries, please contact:
Sektor Kawalan Tembakau,
Kementerian Kesihatan Melaysia,
Block E3, Kompleks E,