How to get more exposure/sales with RM3 per day

“Why isn’t my store getting any traffic or making sales?”

Some of you might have this came into your mind.

If you are one of them, we have a simple solution for you which is

Lelong Banner Ads

What is Lelong Banner Ads?

Lelong Banner Ads allows you to place your own banner on Lelong website hotspot (listing page top banner), directing more traffic to your store and hitting more sales. 

Why you should try Lelong Banner Ads?

1. Increase store visibility  

All businesses need exposure. In order to let the visitors know about your existence, this banner ads could be a good way to make your store stand out from the crowd. By placing your store banner on top of our listing page, it will be shown across every search page that helps to increase your store visibility to the visitors who search/browse in lelong. The more it shows to the visitors, the more they will remember about you, just like how the tv advertising works. You may also display some of the featured products in your store to attract visitors to click in and make a purchase if they are interested.

2. Promote about the sales campaign in your store and increase sales!
If you have an on-going/upcoming sales campaign in your lelong store and you would like to reach out to more buyers, this would be a good channel for you to gain more traffic to your store at a very low cost. Prepare a banner design with attractive promotional message and clear call- to-action (CTA). 

Banner example:

This helps in attracting visitors to click through the banner ads and then directed to your store. Hence, you will get more traffic to your store which increases the chance of getting more conversions and sales in return.

If you wanted to know more about this banner ads, please visit: