A Simple Guide to Write Store Title and Store Description

Store Title

1a) What is Store Title?

Page titles are the singular line of text you see in the search engine results, when bookmarking a page and on a tab in your browser bar, and they can be likened to book titles.

When appearing on Google, it looks like this:

Example title on Google Search
Example title on the tab

Here are some tactics/ checklist:

  • Length: Title tags should be 50-60 characters long, including spaces.
  • Keyword placement: Your most important keywords need to be first in your title tag, with your least important words coming last.
  • Brand name: If your company name is not part of the important keyword phrases, put it at the end of the title tag.

 Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword | Brand Name


  • “nike shoes”
Keywords are at the front, the brand/company name is at the end
  • “casio watch”


  • Do not duplicate title tags: They must be written differently for every page. Don’t mass replicate your title tags it will negatively affect your search visibility.
  • Make it relevant: Title tags must accurately describe the content on the page.
  • Do not ‘keyword stuff’ title tags: these are badly written title tags that try to rank for everything or repeat a word over and over. Keyword stuffing is the worst offense when it comes to title tags and you will be penalized for it.

1b) Where to update my Store Title?

Log-in your account, go to “G. My Store – 3. Store Setting – Store Information”. Then update your Store Title as per advise above.

Store Description

2a) What is Store Description?

Store descriptions are short descriptions of a page, similar to the blurb on the back of a book. They summarize the content you will find when you click on the link of a page on a search engine’s results page (SERP).

When appearing on Google, it looks like this:

Example of store description on Google Search

Here are some tactics/ checklist:

  • Avoid small meta descriptions – You’ve got 160 characters to play with. So, try to use every one of those characters if you can. At least write enough content to get to two lines (one line is roughly 80 characters, depending on the size of the words.)
  • Include a compelling call to action – Inside that meta description, you need to persuade people to click through:

    – Start the tag with an action verb: “Discover why…”, or “Read about the…”
    – End with action: “Read more…” or “Find out now…”
    – Ask a question: “Even wondered…?” or “What would you do if…?”
  • Use a cliffhanger – Your next tip is to borrow a trick from soap operas and end the meta description with suspense: “You’ll never believe what happened next.”
  • Use keywords – If words in the user’s search query match words in your title or description, these words will be highlighted, bringing even more attention to your listing.

Example of  Store Descriptions:

  • ‘earbuds’, ‘workout headphones’
Example 1
  • ‘best face mask’
Example 2


  • Don’t duplicate your store description from a different page
  • Don’t forget to put KEYWORDS in your store descriptions

2b) Where to update my Store Description?

Log-in your account, go to “G. My Store – 3. Store Setting – Store Information”. Then, update your description as per advise above.