Changing to HTTPS could increase your sales

Mobile shopping is on the rise where buyers nowadays tend to browse and shop more on their smartphones.

Imagine while you are browsing a product details page and the images are all broken as shown in the picture below:

How would you feel? 

Close the tab, and look for another seller who is also selling the same product?

Most buyers are believed to do this because:

1 . Buyers nowadays are more visually oriented

2 . Product details page with broken images give buyers less confidence to purchase from you. 

Thus, we strongly encourage you to use https in all your images link in your product details page. This is because image link without https will be marked as insecure content and the image won’t be loaded in the page when buyers are browsing on their phones.

Product details page with broken images will definitely cause buyers to have unhappy browsing experience while browsing the products in your store, which then increase your bounce rate.

When bounce rate increases, your conversion rate will decrease and same goes to your sales revenue.

Hence, it’s important to make sure all the images uploaded to your product details page are using https to enable perfect load, as the contents in your product details page plays an important role in convincing buyers to purchase from your store.

When less people leave your store without further browsing, you would have higher chance of converting them and thus this helps to increase your sales.