[Product Bundling] – Increase average order value in your store (New Feature)

Dear valued sellers;

We are excited to announce “Product Bundle” feature is available now. The “Product Bundle” feature allows you to offer your products in a bundle and promote those bundles to your customers for discounts. For example, set up a “HUAWEI P30” bundle where buyer can pick either a phone case, memory card, power bank, fast charging cable or earphone together at a discounted price.

What is the benefits of bundling?

Increase Sales

Bundling can effectively increase average order value (AOV) within your store and cross sell related products as bundles while offering discounts as incentives for buyer to purchase multiple related products from you.

How to setup bundling?

How to start set up a bundling in your store? Refer to here.

  1. https://help.lelong.my/how-to-setup-product-bundles/
  2. https://help.lelong.my/manage-product-bundles/