Tips To Save Your Shipping Cost – Combine Shipping

Dear Valued Seller,

Are you suffering from a lower and lower margin from your sales? You have very good sales from a long prepared promotion but you don’t see a huge increase of profit when you do your account. This scenario could be familiar to you when you see all the price war going on in marketplace. To turnover this situation, you might need to consider cut cost.

So you may ask, how to cut my cost without affecting daily operations?

Do you ever think of saving more from shipping cost? (Ofcourse!) has introduced a feature to help seller to save shipping cost by using Combine Shipping.

What is Combine Shipping?

Combine shipping can be used to encourage your buyers to buy more products from your store. This option allows them to save a lot on shipping fees.

Combine Shipping (by weight) feature displayed on products page.

So how to set up Combine Shipping?

You can choose either combine shipping by weight or by quantity.

By Weight,

System will auto-sum up the weight of every product added into cart and allows buyer to save delivery fees. This case suitable for small size products like pins, pencils (most courier service offer first 3-5 kgs with a fix rate) where buyer can checkout other product in your store together with a much cheaper shipping rates.


First 1kg shipping fee = RM 5

Item A (0.5kg) weight under 1kg will still be charged for RM 5 on shipping fee.

But, if buyer checkout Item A (0.5kg) + Item B (0.5kg) with a total of 1 kg weight, by using combine shipping he can enjoy RM 5 shipping fee on both items.

By Quantity,

System will calculate the shipping fees by identifying the number of items that buyer added to cart. This case is suitable for those heavy products like home appliances. It is very beneficial to buyer when they purchase mostly heavy weight item like Oven, Fridge..etc.


Combine Shipping Plug-in at seller backend.

Can I exclude some products from Combine Shipping?

Yes, you can! Our new function Exclude Combine Shipping allows you to pick some heavy items (or any other items) that cost you higher shipping fees to be excluded from Combine Shipping, both by weight or quantity.

The feature is only available if you have activated your Combine Shipping Plugin. If you have, you will see this option available when you post an item.

Exclude Combine Shipping


If you haven’t try combine shipping, try it now and this could be one of the best function for your buyer to purchase at better price!

Should you have any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us here.