[Storewide Content] The Most Overlooked Aspect of Website Features

Storewide content is often disregarded although it can yield substantial benefits if used properly. Basically, it is a simple yet significant marketing tool for sellers to manage their store posting as productively and efficiently as possible. Storewide content feature enables sellers to display any desired contents across all their stores’ product detail pages.


Here are a few examples of common storewide contents:

  • Storewide sale notification
  • Item promotion
  • Campaign shoutout
  • Current best selling/trendy products
  • General information


This seamless marketing tool helps sellers to instantly update any promotional messages across their entire product detail pages without hassle and also consequently, creates more business opportunities and amplify sales. Also, it definitely saves you a lot of time to post general information that applies to all with just a one-time setting function.


For best practice illustration guides, here are some examples of good storewide content:

1. For promotional banner, like the one below which is featured on their webstore slider using DIY store builder feature, sellers may also upload this kind of linked banners using storewide content feature to display across all their product pages to increase more exposure.



2. Whereas, for a more descriptive content, take Leongstore as a good instance. Leongstore provides detailed information such as shipping details, customer support and guarantees/assurances that could promote buyer confidence. Besides, Leongstore also urges buyers to leave a review and rating by highlighting that on every product pages which could create a sense that their customers are their most valuable advocates. This, in turn, could boost traffic and page views, increase average order value, lower returns, reduce customer service calls, and result in higher overall customer satisfaction.


It is easy to overlook this feature simply because sellers might not aware or understand how it works and the benefits of its inclusion is definitely understated. Thus, by optimizing the feature with appropriate contents, it could elevate user experience and boost sales.

Check out this helpfile on how to utilize storewide content feature for your webstore.