Sales of L.A. Girl. and Pro. Conceal

Please be informed that we have been contacted by IP Shark as non-exclusive agent for Intellectual Property infringement for Beauty 21 Cosmetics,INC
Under name of L.A.Girl. and Pro. Conceal.

Any selling of unauthorized counterfeit replica/clones of their product which is infringing on copyright/trademarks owned by Beauty 21 Cosmetics,INC.

Any selling without permission from Beauty 21 Cosmetics,INC is violation for L.A.Girl. and Pro. Conceal including name in their title, description, and photos.

For sellers who has removed them, please do not post them up again.

Exclusive Website :

Any enquiry on above please contact :
Julia Perez on behald of IP Shark
315 Cloverleaf Drive Suite F
Baldwin Park, CA 91731