A Revamped Rating Page with Cleaner UI

Dear Valued Seller,

We have revamped the rating page with a cleaner UI, it now provides a better outlook of your store which helps to boost buyer’s confidence. It comes in four main sections – Store Status, Rating Metric, Trade Record & Feedback. Here is how it look like:

Seller Rating Page

Your brand new seller rating page.

Store Status

On the top left side, you will see four status as follows:

  • Account Status – which shows if you have an active account or inactive account
  • Member Store – yes for the seller, no for regular buyer
  • MyKad Verified
  • Mobile Verified

Store Status

Rating Metric Panels

You will see 6 panels that describe your rating and performance so far:

  • Feedback Score – a total of feedback received
  • Positive Feedback – percentile of your positive feedback
  • Member who left feedback – a breakdown of positive and negative feedback
  • Item Posted – total SKUs uploaded onto this account for sale
  • Total Product – currently active selling SKUs
  • Q&A Response Time

Rating Metric

Trade Record

This section will showcase your delivery speed & your listing accuracy.Trade Record


You will be able to browse and view the latest feedback from the buyer in this section. You can also opt to reply and leave feedback to others.

Latest Feedback


Should you have any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact usĀ here.