[MUST READ] A Hidden Sales Tool that You Don’t Realized

Have you wonder why your sales is not growing as your expected?

Many of you don’t know that category management might be one of the reason.

Just like the example below, if you are selling a home deco wallpaper and you feature it under Electronics & Appliances > VCR Player instead of Home & Gardening > Home Decor > Wall Paper.

For instance, if you feature it on the right category, you will get 77 units sold as Picture 2, while when you feature it on the wrong category, you will get ZERO sales as Picture 1.

Furthermore, the price of item in Picture 2 is double up and more the price of item in Picture 1, thus this is how important the category management to help you to achieve your sales in a marketplace.


There are 2 main reasons why featured item in the incorrect category will bring to NO SALES.


  1. Poor & Inaccurate Search Results

In the growing culture of impatience, people nowadays want everything fast especially in the internet world. In an online marketplace, there are thousands even millions of items, thus online shoppers been tired looking for it.

Hence they use the softing bar function to help them to sort out irrelevant category and get a more accurate search result based on whatever they need and want.


2. Bad Browsing Experience For Buyers

Put yourself at the shoe of your customers, will you frustrate when you can’t find what you want within a short period of time? We quite assure the answer is Yes & Yes.

Nowadays we rely on internet technology to help us to solve our problem including buying the things that we want.

The harder you make the customer to browse in order to buy your products, the higher the chance the customer will not buy from you.


Therefore, accurate categories in fact help to improve the visibility of your products and ensure that they show up in the right places.

Hence, what you have to do now is have an item category ”body check” on your store. With this simple category housekeeping exercise, it will help to improve the visibility of your products by showing the right products at the right places.

If you realized you have featured your items in the wrong category, please hurry to change it as it is affecting your store performance.