The Ultimate Guide To Stand Out Among Dropshippers

What Is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model to sell online without holding the inventory. In this business model, you act as a middle person to promote your supplier product online and your supplier will ship the product to buyer when you made a sale. What you gain is the price different between the amount you sold and supplier selling price including shipping.

How To Start A Successful Dropshipping Business?

Create a Strong Brand

Successful drop shipping is not only about what products you sell, how you positioning yourself is also very important. The common mistake that many dropshippers make is listing all good selling products which doesn’t related to one another.

Choose a potential niche market segment that you are interested can actually help you build a better brand, you will select better products, create better contents and also provide better services with your knowledge on the area.

Obtain good customers review is very important branding to gain trust from buyer. To obtain review from customers, creating great offer will be the easiest and fastest method to gain first wave of sales and review. You can also provide some benefit to encourage customers to drop a review.

In addition to this, you also need to provide good services such as promptly attend to customers inquiry and after sales service in order to gain GOOD review from your customers.

Build a Well-Designed E-store

Although good looking store will not be the crucial factor of making sales but it is very important to create credibility especially when you just started without any social proof.

Build a beautiful and professional e-store will surprise you with its outcome, you will gain more trust and eventually more inquiry and sales. A beautiful store can be very simple as tidy and clean store banner along with well organized product listing, the purpose is to make consumers feel comfortable when browsing.

Beside beautify your store, display important information such as return policy, delivery period and contact information is even more crucial when come to build customers trust. Also make sure those information are accurate and you will be able to deliver the promises on any displayed policy.

Avoid These Common Mistake That Will Ruin Your Business

There is NO shortcut to build a successful business, a lot people expecting they can obtain great result quickly with “shortcut” but mostly end up failed and quit the business. The common “shortcut” people would take are simply start selling without any product information, sell what is good selling already and expecting good sales and give false information just to make sure they obtain sales.

Sell something without checking the quality can be very risky to your store reputation. Although you do not have the actual products with you, but you can always do some research on the supplier for their overall comment and rating. If possible, try to place some order to check the packaging, product quality and delivery time.

Sell highly competitive item is hard to stand out due to there are a lot of sellers out there selling the same product, always avoid these products unless you find an ultimate advantage that can give consumer a reason to buy from you. Another reason to avoid highly competitive product is because the low profit margin due to price war.

Give false expectation to buyers on product details and delivery period will only make thing worst, always give accurate information even when it give you disadvantages such as long delivery time.

Who Should Consider Dropshipping Business?

You might want to consider dropshipping business if you:

  • Have a very lean budget to start
  • Want to try selling something niche
  • Do not have the resources to manage inventory or shipments

Dropshipping business are easy to master especially with the services of reputable marketplaces. With proper planning and refering to the guidelines listed above, you are good to start building a potential dropshipping business.

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