[Update] Making Search More Relevant

Dear Valued Seller,


As product search has always been our core traffic driver to different products and WebStores, we’ve been refining our search experience to make it more relevant.


We noticed that when people search, it is often very specific, and in some cases, it might be contextual (think of it as people searching “Android Phone” in Lelong.my). In some cases, we observed people refining their search up to 10 times in order to get what they want.


Hence we have been working on the search experience with the aim to provide you with the best search experience with better relevancy and accuracy. That is why we have been deploying incremental upgrades to the search relevancy. You might notice that we started to have suggestions.

Search refinement

A suggestion would pop if there is a spelling error. Soon there will be suggested products.

In subsequent updates, you will also see prioritization being deployed, one good example the search term “iPhone X”, when you search for “iPhone X” it is likely that you are searching for the device itself instead of accessories. You are more likely to search for “iPhone X Case” if you are looking for a skin. This enhancement will help buyers have easier and much more accurate access to the listing which in turn, leading to a better conversion.


There won’t be any changes applied to Sponsored products. We believe that this will provide a better search experience for our buyers and ultimately benefitting sellers in the process.

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