StarsPicker-Professional Headphones Hi-Fi Store

As of today, Willy and Stars Picker Audio is accumulating more than 25 orders a month from store alone. From selling top range of professional headphones, earphones & accessories, they also have a custom in -ear services and a Stars Picker Audio Cafe shop to gather people who love music and art! 

What is your business about?

We have a headphone Hi-Fi Store where we sell professional headphones and also related products to audiophiles and musicians.

Headphone Hi-Fi it’s a very niche market, which emphasizes the sound quality.

Other than headphone hi-fi store, we also have a cafe business, which we open opportunity for the mass market to have a chance to appreciate gadgets while enjoying good food too!

How long have you been in this industry?

I have been in this industry for about 5 years, the first year we started as an online business.

After that, we decided to rent an old house of the living hall to start display & decorate for people to visit us.

Eventually, our stocks become more and more, thus, we expanded and moved to the current location of 2 level story of a commercial lot to catered our business.

How and what inspired you to come out with this business?

I used to study in Hong Kong for a short music course.

I helped a lot of friends and lowyat forum members to purchase pro audio products in order for me to earn some pocket money, during the time I study.

From there, I realized no one in Malaysia really ventures into this market yet, so I try to take a few dealerships to start my business.

How has helped you in your business?

Lelong has helped us a lot in growing our business, it is the first online platform that we join since then.

Lelong had done a very good search ranking at google ad-words, so when customers key in the specific name, it will appear at google first page.

This is how our customers effectively find us through google and helped us to build our database in short-time.

What is your goal?

Our company direction is toward cultured and creative industry.

We not only selling headphone hi-fi, but we also ventured into cafe business which is not directly related to music.

It is a good way to gather people who enjoy music and art.


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