[CIMB Partnership] Renew Your Webstore Plus Account with Zero Fee

This is a strategic partnership between Lelong.my & CIMB Bank designed to help our sellers in getting free store renewals.

Starting from 1st of July to 30th of August,  sellers will be able to earn extra cashback up to RM 1,128 just by renewing their Webstore Plus account! Which means you actually get a free store with an extra cashback of RM660.

All you need to do is just to renew your Webstore Plus account and open a CIMB account, you are not only entitled to receive a total cashback of RM 1,128, but also waiver of online transaction fees which helps you to save RM 2,053 a year, also stand a chance to win a brand new Toyota Vellfire!

Read on to find out how to be part of this exciting campaign.



In order to participate in this promotion, you must be:

  • An existing seller on Lelong.my that registered under Sdn Bhd
  • Does not have an existing business account with CIMB

For more details, please go through our FAQ section down below.


How Does It Work

You will need to be a registered seller on Lelong.my under Sdn Bhd and open a conventional business current account with CIMB Bank. By opening a CIMB account, it means automatically 3 products are bundled and opened for:

  1. Conventional Business Current Account
  2. BizLite Transaction
  3. Payroll (CIMB@Work)


3 Key Benefits That You Will Enjoy

#1 Get Up To RM 1,128 Cashback

Existing sellers that are not using CIMB Bank will receive a 100% cash rebate on Webstore Store Plus Renewal fee and an extra cashback of RM 660*, here is a quick breakdown to help you understand further.

CIMB Cashback to Seller

* This promotion is only valid for Lelong.my sellers (with registered Sdn Bhd companies) who do not have an existing business current account with CIMB. Upon activation of 1st payroll go live and maintain an initial deposit of RM30,000, a cash back of RM188 will be credited to account on monthly basis for 6 months.

#2 Waiver of Online Transaction Fees (Save RM 2,056 A Year)

Immediate waiver* on the monthly subscription fee, security devices, IBG, in-house transfers, telegraphic transfers and RENTAS and SAVE RM2,056 a year.

Waiver of Fees

*CIMB Bank remains its sole discretion on fees waiver.

#3 Stand A Chance To Win Toyota Vellfire

For every monthly average balance of RM 20,000, you will gain 1 (one) entry to win a Toyota Vellfire!



How To Join This Campaign

#1 Renew Your Store

Regardless of your store validity period, all you need to do is to renew first. You will have to top up and make payment, the store fees will be rebated in coming months, once you have activated your payroll.

Make sure you record down your payment reference as it is needed in the next step.

Here is how you can renew your store: http://help.lelong.my/webstore-renewal/

#2 Fill Up This Form

Once you have completed your payment, please sign up here.

#3 Wait For Call From CIMB

Upon successful submission, CIMB officer will contact you within 3-5 working days to run you through the details. They will share more details with you and will guide you through the onboarding process. Once all the registration and onboarding is done, you will need to meet criteria for the full cashback rebates.

As you may need to provide additional documents after signing up the form here, here is the full overview of the process.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cashback campaign about?

In collaboration with CIMB Bank, CIMB is rewarding Lelong.my Webstore Plus sellers a total of RM1,128 cash back when sellers open a CIMB account which comprises of business current account, BizLite Transaction & Payroll (CIMB@Work) while maintaining a minimum of RM30,000 monthly average balance in the business current account.


2. What do you mean by opening CIMB account, i.e. is it considered a bundled product?

Yes. By opening a CIMB account, it means automatically 3 products are bundled and opened for:

  1. Conventional Business Current Account
  2. BizLite Transaction
  3. Payroll (CIMB@Work)


3. What is the Payroll (CIMB@Work)?

Payroll (CIMB@Work) is a program that is Free-Of-Charge and offers extra banking benefits to the employers and employees when both parties using CIMB as their payroll account. The company can enjoy zero transaction fee as compared to RM2 per transaction offered by other financial institutions. The employees will also enjoy special rates when they apply for CIMB banking products and services.


4. How long is the RM1, 128 cashback campaign period?

The campaign period is open from 1st July 2018 until 30th August 2018.


5. How can I enjoy the cash back?

The company must meet the following criteria during the campaign period:

  1. Signed up/ renewed Lelong.my Webstore Plus account within period 1st of July 2018- 30th of August 2018 
  2. The account must be registered under private limited company “Sdn Bhd”
  3. Open CIMB Conventional Business Current Account as a payroll account.
  4. Must sign up for Payroll (CIMB@Work).
  5. Perform first salary payment via BizLite/BizChannel before 15th October 2018.
  6. Maintain minimum RM30, 000 monthly average balances in the business current account.


6. To renew Webstore Plus account, shall I pay the renewal fee in advance?

Yes, when the company is interested to join for cashback campaign, the company has to renew with pay renewal fee to Lelong.my. The cashback will be credited to your account once the criteria above are met (refer to item 5) during the campaign period.


7. Can I get the cashback first before proceed to renew Webstore Plus?

No, you will need to renew your Webstore account first.


8. What does “First salary payment” mean?

Means upon sign up for Payroll (CIMB@Work), perform first-time payroll payment through BizLite Transaction before 15th October 2018.

9. If I have opened more than one business current account, which account should I maintain the RM30,000 monthly average balance or all my business current account?

You need to maintain RM30,000 monthly average balance only in the business current account that is operating for payroll payment. Of course you can also maintain minimum RM30,000 in all the business current account if you wish to.


10. How do I perform salary payment via BizLite Transaction?

Here is how you can perform the salary payment.


11. How soon will the RM1,128 cash back be paid to me?

Once you meet the criteria stated above, you will be qualified for RM188 cash rebate per month for 6 months, starting from first salary payment month. The cashback will be credited into your current account 2 months later.


12. Will I get RM188 cash back if I do not maintain RM30,000 monthly average balance in a certain month during the first 6 months?

RM188 will only be paid to account successfully maintain RM30,000 monthly average balance.  


13. How does the full process works?

Submission Process

Note:  CIMB Bank has the final discretion to revise the terms and conditions without prior notice.