Converting to Auto-Confirm To Improve Your Sales

Dear Valued Seller,

To provide you a better selling experience and order management, we are now rolling out order auto-confirmation sitewide.

Please take note that this feature will be implemented by Monday, 16th of April 2018.

Key Benefits
To give you some hindsight, here are the benefits to auto order confirmation:

1. Increase Your Sales
Doing stock checks on every single order is very costly to the store, albeit convenient. We’ve observed that there is at least 50% sales loss due to this, on some extreme cases it went over to 80% simply due to the delay in confirming order.

As auto-confirmation reduce the lag time between placing order to checkout significantly, sellers are able to process the orders directly and as a result, the sales increased.

We observed that sellers that use auto confirmation are likely to increase their sales up to 10 times or even more.*

*Note: Lelong does not guarantee the 10 times as it is subjected to various factors such as pricing & various parameters.


2. Save Time
Instead of doing stock checks on every single order, now sellers are advised to do a stock check in their warehouses on a fixed routine.

As sellers adapt a routine stock checking process, this will reduce the need to stock check on every single order, and as a result, sellers have more time to focus on what they do best – to sell.

Should there be a need to refund, sellers can do it with our convenient one click refund with no additional charges.

Pro-tip: Lelong will automatically hide any sold out items so you don’t face any oversold SKU issue.


3. Save Cost
As sellers adapt new stock checking process and the convenient one click refund, this will reduce operation costs where sellers no longer need to:

  • Handle direct bank in as it can be facilitated through Netpay
  • No additional cost on refund

Most importantly, sellers can focus on selling and eliminate the need to handle multiple interfaces to check orders and tally the figures.


Best Practices
As we will be rolling out the auto-confirmation sitewide by Monday, 16th of April 2018, you may follow the best practices below to help you shift from manual confirm to auto-confirm.


1. Allocate Fix Stock For Lelong
Always allocate stocks on to ensure your products are ready for sale.

Sellers are advised to have a process that covers routine stock check and product update, here is how you can update your product posting & stock count.

Note: does not tolerate false advertising.


2. Manage Your Delivery Timeline
It is advisable to allocate sufficient time for you to process your order and delivery. This is crucial especially for electronics devices & consumer electronics.

Here is how you can manage your shipping:

  • Always calculate your shipping fee and key in advance.
  • Always update your store announcement if there is sudden issue – vacation, delay in shipment and etc
  • Provide a daily cut off time

Here is how you can create a webstore announcement

For stock units that take longer time, you might want to consider the following:


3. Always Update Your Buyers
Always update your buyers with the latest order status should you run into sudden issues to manage your buyer expectations, such as delay in:

  • Stuck in the custom
  • Courier delay
  • Natural disasters (i.e. flood that causes delay)
  • Festival
  • And many more

As long as the buyer is updated and fully understands about the shipping time, they will appreciate your effort and indirectly increase your return customers. Do remember that it is your responsibility to update the buyer for all shipping matters.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us –

Common FAQ

We have compiled some questions asked by our sellers regarding the auto confirmation and here is the solution.

1. Where can I bulk edit my shipping fee charges?
Answer: There are three options to save your time when updating the shipping fee.

Option 1: You can activate the Free combine shipping store plugin to encourage your buyers to buy more products from your Web Store. This option allows them to save on the shipping fees.
Here is how you can activate combine shipping

Option 2: The best option would be to perform an API sync, API allows the data to be synced from your website to your Web Store, this includes shipping fee too.
Here is how to do API Integration

Option 3: You can use our mass edit feature which will allow you to Export selected data into an excel file, where you can easily update the data. Once updated you can just Import it back to our system.
Here is how to export and edit the data

2. My item is too heavy to use the combine shipping plugin, can I exclude them?
Answer: Sure you can. We came out with a function to exclude these items from Combine Shipping. The feature is only available if you have activated your Combine Shipping Plugin. If you have, you will see this option available when you post an item

3. My items ship from overseas, which has a different shipping rate.
Answer: You are encouraged to update your items shipping fee in flat rate. The rates should be calculated based on the weight of the item.

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